Thank you for visiting you will find information about me and how I do business as well as valuable insights that will enhance your real estate decisions. What you won't find here are claims that I am #1 (you are of course!), search engines that make it look like I have every listing in Canada or phishing nets trying to capture your identity. As a leading real estate agent in South Delta, I take pride in helping clients buy or sell their home in the communities of Ladner and Tsawwassen. With a focus on helping people downsize and relocate to South Delta, I have experience providing the perfect fit to all those interested in buying a home or selling a home in South Delta. With my business expertise (MBA), I have a heightened knowledge of the local real estate market, and will help ensure you save the most, or make the most, when buying or selling your home. I don’t claim to be the highest volume real estate agent in Metro Vancouver, nor do I create any illusions of owning every possible real estate listing in Canada. I focus on what I know best – personal service and business experience! If you’re interested in relocating or downsizing to a home in South Delta I can help and would like to have a friendly conversation. Give me a call at your convenience.