New Home Design and Construction

Dean has been helping families build and buy new homes since 1985. His wealth of knowledge on new home construction in South Delta, and what is involved in building a new home in the communities of Ladner and Tsawwassen is second to none.

He identifies 4 key elements for building a house in South Delta, and creating a home you are happy with:

The Land

Location, lot size and outlook are all very important attributes of where you’d like to build your new home. Proximity to schools and services, quiet enjoyment and positioning in the street grid system all impact the value and desirability of a property.
The size of the lot will in most cases determine the size of dwelling that can be built. It is essential to get professional advice on floor space ratios, setbacks and other by-law considerations that will affect the size and possibly the layout of your new home.
Special locations can include waterfront and view properties where special care needs to be taken to ensure the optimal enjoyment of the outlook. Sometimes negative elements need to be considered so as to mitigate their effect on the finished home.

The Plan

The layout and design of your new home will be determined partly by zoning by-laws and partly by the creativity of you and your design consultants.
Dean has a connection to many home designers which gives you a wide choice for finding someone that will take your dreams and put them first on paper then ultimately turn them into the physical reality of building your new house and creating a home for you.

The Specifications

Essentially this part of the process involves the actual materials and how they are applied to create the new house.
Dean has years of experience advising clients on options and choices in this regard while always monitoring expectations to be sure you know what you are getting and that you get what you want! Detail is vitally important but it is an impossible task to describe what is to be built down to the individual nail or dab of caulking. Dean has proven methods to be sure you are always protected in getting the quality in materials and workmanship that you are expecting.

The Building Contract

In most cases you will contract with a professional home builder to implement the application of your specifications building your plan on your land.
Dean has connections with many proven builders providing you with a wide selection of choices designed to fit your budget and expectations.
For the actual contract between you and your chosen builder Dean is familiar with the various clauses and considerations and can help to advise you in that regard. Because of the importance of your security and the protection of your best interests he will always refer you to a specialist lawyer in this field to draw the final contract.

Trust Dean to help you with Building Your New Home