Real Property Valuation

Real estate is by nature an asset with a quantifiable value. There are many reasons to want to know the value of real estate and many techniques with which to attempt to determine that value.

Some motivations for knowing the value of real estate are quite formal and may require the stamp of a certified appraiser. However in many cases people wish to know the value of real estate simply to help them make sound and informed decisions as they buy and sell property.

Dean has the academic credentials of a commercial level appraiser – he holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Real Property Valuation, a post grad program for practitioners already holding a business degree (MBA in his case). He does not choose to practice as a licensed Appraiser but he is able to give expert real estate valuation advice to help you make good decisions in your real estate dealings.

If you have the need for real property valuation in Ladner or Tsawwassen you can be confident calling Dean who will either give you the advice you seek or will refer you to an appropriate Appraiser if you need an official stamp.

Trust Dean to help you with Property Valuation